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        Allen Ward aka Dj A-Dub has been on a wild ride since attending UC Berkeley in early 2000 after being introduced to the world of professional disc jockeying. From Electronic Dance Music to Hiphop and everything in between, this southern California disc jockey has come a long way in the past few years.

With the underground music and party scene flourishing throughout the Bay Area during his college years, A-Dub had an opportunity to spin electronic music at one of Berkeley’s premier bars/clubs, Blake’s on Telegraph. The Psychotika Collective Production group was formed by A-Dub and a few friends to fill a void of various musical genres in Berkeley. A-Dub hosted a monthly event called Psychotika. As time passed the demand for different music styles caused A-Dub to branch out and adapt to club style Hip Hop and R&B.


From there he  began doing events around campus for various organizations along with fraternity and sorority groups. The experience gained during this time would help A-Dub create the mobile dj business that would have him working with people and groups he would have never imagined collaborating with.

After graduating from Cal in 2003, A-Dub created the California Musical Appreciation & Coordination Specialists (Cal M.A.C.S.) and more recently its subsidiary company Dj A-Dub Music. It was with the Cal M.A.C.S. that A-Dub was able to develop the skills necessary to maintain a lucrative disc jockey business. It was also a chance to be himself and let loose on the one’s and two’s, aka turntables. “Hiphop is my first love, but I appreciate all types of music and love spinning in front of a bunch of people who also enjoy it. I cant do it enough!” A-Dub exclaims. This love for music allowed A-Dub the opportunity to work for the Magic Johnson Foundation as a guest dj for the Taylor Michaels Scholarship graduation celebration, of which he was a member and graduate. He’s been djing this event and various other events for Mr. Johnson ever since. He also got the honor and privilege to travel to Japan to dj at one of Tokyo’s premier venues, Club Flow.



In this business people always claim, "It’s who you know." That could not have been more true for A-Dub, who was given a job with a mobile disc jockey company called Mi Media Productions. With Mi Media, A-Dub put on a more professional show working as an MC for weddings, djing corporate events, and holiday parties. Companies like Caldwell Bank, Macys, and venues like Four Seasons Hotel, Ritz Carlton, St. Regis, Montage Resorts and the Surf and Sand are just a few of the names on their client list.       

Dj A-Dub continues to move the masses, with his energetic club style mixes and lively personality on the microphone. He is confident that djing will continue to take him to different parts of the United States as well as all over the world. He promotes himself as a confident, hard working and very detail oriented dj, with a business beneficial to all music lovers. A-Dub usually says, “Keep your ears open.”
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